My Netflix Picks!

Jul 28, 2011
My Netflix Picks!
As you probably know, prescription there is a rapidly moving shift going on in the world of entertainment distribution. For over half a century now there has been essentially one fairly stagnant method of getting programming out to the masses; through the cable company to the television. But technology can no longer be held back and the future is starting to look very different. What I'm talking about here is the shift in technology and "how" entertainment is presented. The networks have been used to only passing through the boob-tube. But now is the age of YouTube. The computer and it's related technologies have really put the industry on it's ear. Read More »

…and the Oscar goes to…

Feb 28, 2011
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Oscar mania is over for another year and I'm sure there are many a hung-over celebrity sprinkled throughout the hotels of Hollywood today. But the show must go on and I must blog my thoughts on it all. Read More »


Feb 24, 2011
Alright. I finally did it. For years I've dreamt about it. And now my dream has finally come true! Read More »