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…and the Oscar goes to…

Feb 28, 2011
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Oscar mania is over for another year and I'm sure there are many a hung-over celebrity sprinkled throughout the hotels of Hollywood today. But the show must go on and I must blog my thoughts on it all. Read More »

Two more sleeps…

Feb 25, 2011
Ever since I can remember, obesity I've been obsessed with watching the Oscars. As a kid I would cut the nominations' page out of the newspaper and star the ones I believe would win the statuette. I've always prided myself in figuring out what the academy would decide. Of course, for sale I haven't always agreed. I often disagree. But that's not the point. The challenge of getting into the minds of Hollywood's elite, pharm figuring out who is the chosen darling of the year...this is the point. And yes, it is a decent reflection of what films are the worth watching each year. Read More »


Feb 24, 2011
Alright. I finally did it. For years I've dreamt about it. And now my dream has finally come true! Read More »