Cars 2 runs on empty

Cars 2 runs on empty

Waste of Time
Jul 27, 2011
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When Disney and Pixar make a movie together there is almost always something magical that happens. By magical, overweight I mean that indescribable feeling you get from something special. All the “Toy Story” movies had it. “Up” had it. “Wall-e” had it. “Cars” had it. So, cialis 40mg what about Cars 2?

This sequel starts with a 10 minute long introduction to a spy-espionage story featuring Michael Cain as the Bond-esque character. Eventually we get back to Radiator Springs and the gang we are familiar with from the original “Cars”. However, cure this time around the film-makers have chosen to focus on Mater as the central character. If I wasn’t so annoyed by this goofball it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But, this was a lemon of an idea to me.

Like the first movie, Cars 2 is full of amazing digital animation, incessant automobile puns and the usual fun camaraderie of the Radiator Springs gang. But what is different is the international espionage storyline that takes us to exciting locales all over the world. This brings with it a host of new characters; nasty villains, debonaire spies and lovely ladies. What is also different is that this movie has no magic. It gets so caught up in the spy story that the interpersonal tension between Mater and McQueen feels forced and wholly predictable. This leaves the audience essentially watching a lot of exciting sequences, fast action and not really ever caring about the supposed heart of the film.

Now you might be one of these people who say, “Ahhh, it was entertaining! Who cares if it has ‘heart’?!?! I liked it! It was FUN!” Well, that might be good enough for you (and you might also have a low IQ). But when I spend over $50 to take my kids to spend 2 hours to sit in a theatre, I expect us all to walk out feeling like something meaningful happened. Kids are bright and have more sophisticated expectations these days than ever before. Walking out of other Disney Pixar films, my kids have always noted the message of the story. In “Toy Story”, Woody wrestles with his pride as the film cleverly expresses everyone’s desire to have purpose in life. In “Wall-e”, we experience the inexplicable pains of love and the need for companionship through the eyes of a beat-up robot. In “Cars”, Lightening McQueen learns that selfishly striving to be number one is a dead-end road and finds a deeper sense of satisfaction with his newfound friends. But this sequel, while having a point (sort of), fails to draw the audience into it successfully.

Was Cars 2 entertaining? Sure was. Was it funny? Not as much as the first. Did I keep checking my watch to see when it’d be over? Yup. It’s a shame that Lasseter, who has a brilliant track-record for directing these types of films, gets off-track and loses sight of the magic that is expected to be central to these movies. Hopefully, this is just a one-time bump in the road. So, if you’re looking for an entertaining AND meaningful family film this summer, take a detour and avoid Cars 2.

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