Groundhog Day for sci-fi nerds

Groundhog Day for sci-fi nerds

Waste of Time
Sep 6, 2011
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Released on DVD this past month was the acclaimed science fiction thriller, buy Source Code. I sat down the other night to see what all the hype was about. Oh, more about and I love a good sci-fi movie. So, I was eager to soak this one up.

Source Code has a simple, yet intriguing premise; using a new technology, the US military is able to tap into the brain of a recently deceased man who was on a train targeted by terrorists. They are able to tap one of the military’s top soldier’s brains into the last 8 minutes of their subject’s life. With this, Captain Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is able to experience the final minutes before the attack in order to gain information, locate the terrorist(s) and figure out where the next target is going to be. Of course, the first time through he doesn’t gain enough information. He only has 8 minutes, after all. So, they send him back in…again and again. Each time he gains more information and falls in love with a girl on the train at the same time…of course.

This movie has so much potential. Unfortunately, the premise, while exciting and interesting, carries the whole film. You can’t make a truly satisfying film with a premise. There has to be a story arc, character development and, in this genre, twists and turns. However, Source Code, ultimately fails to deliver and left me feeling disappointed. There could have been so much more. Alas, it fell flat.

For Sci-Fi lovers, this will be a disappointment. For regular Joes looking for a thrill-ride, it does the job. But I suppose that’s the problem. It’s promises so much and ends up pandering to the masses. Such is life in Hollywood, I guess.

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