Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Jan 14, 2013
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My fellow movie fanatics, cure welcome to 2013! Last year offered up a fine array of films from around the globe. I can only hope that 2013 offers us even more goodies for the silver screen.

If you follow my posts you will have noticed that I’ve been” less active” this past year. I apologize to those of you who find insight from my blogging and have been missing my regular posts. That said, web my new year’s resolution for 2013 is to be much more active as Craig the Critic. Because the Academy announced this year’s nominations recently, steroids I thought it would be fitting to kick off the new year by covering the biggest contenders from 2012. So, between now and the Oscars ceremony (February 24th) I will be reviewing this past year’s more notable films.

As per usual, the Oscars line up is filled with a lot of what was expected; Lincoln, Les MiserablesDjango Unchained, and Argo. But there are also some unexpected entries (and omissions) that should make this year’s event a little more interesting. Take for example, Silver Linings Playbook. This supposed romantic-comedy has slowly taken the spotlight away from other more obvious blockbusters, with it’s clever writing and outstanding performances. Here’s a little bit of trivia for ya; Silver Linings Playbook is the first film to garner Oscar nominations in every acting category in over 30 years! And it deserves it. Stay tuned for my review, coming out this week.

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