Feb 24, 2011

Alright. I finally did it. For years I’ve dreamt about it. And now my dream has finally come true!

Remember how in high school the career counsellor would sit you down and ask, allergist “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  She had the sheet with a long list of all the different careers one could pursue. From chef to plumber to lawyer to veterinarian. And she’d ask you about your ‘passions’, recipe ‘strengths’ and ‘goals’. Well, do you want to know what I chose? I don’t even think it was on the list. But after thinking briefly about what I love and how I’d love to spend my time, the choice was quite clear. I wanted to be…a film critic. Seriously…no wait…ok…stop laughing. Ask my friend, Paul. He’ll vouch for me. It was seriously my dream job.

I was kid back then and, well, my tender dream was slowly quashed as I went on to university in pursuit of a practical career path. Many twists and turns later, I ended up becoming a musician (not the most ‘practical’ career), then a producer (a little more practical), then a pastor (very practical). All the while, I continued watching movies, avidly searching for artistic, creative and meaningful films. My favourite is when I can watch with a friend and later dissect the movie in conversation. I love to reflect on what the film maker’s purpose was and analyze why a film did or didn’t achieve its goal. I love feeling the emotions that a good movie evokes, whether it be fear, grief, joy or triumph. When a movie makes you question, stirs your imagination or keeps you thinking for days after, that’s when you’ve experienced the true power of film.

So, here I am, finally, a film critic. Well, I always have been, I suppose. Only now I am actually putting my opinions out there. Through the miracle of the world-wide-interwebs I can finally realize my dream. If only my career counsellor could see me now. She’d be so proud.

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Craig the Critic


  1. Hey Craig

    Just want to say congrats on the blog. I too am in love with movies and even graduated with a major in theatre and film studies because I love them so much. I look forward to reading your blog!!!

    your cousin,

    • Thanks Cuz! Make sure to subscribe. And if you have any comments you want to make about my postings don’t hesitate to speak your mind. I want this blog to become a forum where we can all duke out our thoughts and opinions on films. Should be fun!

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