Idiotic Idiocracy

Idiotic Idiocracy

Waste of Time
Aug 14, 2011
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A friend of mine recently posted something on his Facebook wall…“have you all seen Idiocracy? I refer to it frequently, web and preface it by saying I can’t tell whether or not it’s horrible or brilliant.” I remember trying to watch it years ago and getting tired and going to bed. I recall it was pretty lame. But, look upon my friend’s prompting I decided to try it again.

This Mike Judge comedy is based on the current state of how stupid people in the Western world are and figures that through evolution they would be the likeliest to survive and therefore the future of mankind has a bleak outlook. How do the idiots survive, buy you ask? Well, the super intelligent people are busy planning their families. Young, successful couples don’t want to rush into childrearing too quickly. They want to make sure the timing is right. Contrasted to that is the not-so-bright people (a.k.a. red-neck trailer trash) who can’t stop getting each other pregnant even if they tried. Thus we see that over centuries the intelligent humans die out and the idiots run rampant like cockroaches in a dump.

Luke Wilson stars as Corporal Joe Bauers, an army librarian who gets signed up for an experimental hibernation program. Along side him is a prostitute (Maya Rudolph) who’s participation in the experiment doesn’t make any sense. The experiment is supposed to last a year, but through someone’s stupidity (the running theme of the film) the base they are stored in get’s demolished and a restaurant gets built in it’s place. Fast forward 500 years and the two hibernation pods finally get unearthed as a result of a massive garbage avalanche. Of course, we get to witness, through the eyes of Luke Wilson’s character, just how idiotic everyone is and how it’s led to the complete ruin of society. Nobody uses grammatically-correct language, they love TV shows like, “Ow, My Balls” and the restaurant “Fuddruckers” is now called, you guessed it, “Buttfuckers”. Essentially, it’s the worst of American culture today multiplied 1000 times.

So, this premise is great. The idea, that if we looked 500 years into the future we might see just how stupid and inane we are, is funny and thought-provoking. But that’s where this film’s greatness ends. Seriously. I couldn’t bear to watch more than 30 minutes of this movie. I’m not joking. It was THAT BAD. Mike Judge, who is hit and miss, completely misses the mark on this potentially brilliant film. For starters, there is zero character interest. They main characters are so under-developed, so uninteresting that there is no personal connection for the audience to make. Secondly, it is NOT funny. The concept is funny. The odd thing is chuckle-evoking. But, there is nothing in the script that is actually funny. No one-liners. No funny dialogue. It’s just not funny.  Lastly, the whole joke, for lack of a better term, is simply mockery of the most surface and crappiest elements of modern pop culture. This joke gets old reeeeee-al fast.

I love Luke Wilson and I love Mike Judge (creator of “Office Space”). And I agree, adamantly, with the idea that our western civilization is becoming so retarded that we are headed down a destructive and pathetic path. So I really wanted to love this movie. But, it was slapped together so haphazardly and without any true conviction or soul that it just falls flat instantly. People, believe me. This film is so excruciating boring and unfunny that I challenge any of you to get past the 30 minute mark. I know I couldn’t. Can you? And to my buddy, Ben, allow me to reassure you…yes…Idiocracy is horrible. Brilliantly horrible.

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