My Netflix Picks!

My Netflix Picks!

Jul 28, 2011

As you probably know, prescription there is a rapidly moving shift going on in the world of entertainment distribution. For over half a century now there has been essentially one fairly stagnant method of getting programming out to the masses; through the cable company to the television. But technology can no longer be held back and the future is starting to look very different. What I’m talking about here is the shift in technology and “how” entertainment is presented. The networks have been used to only passing through the boob-tube. But now is the age of YouTube. The computer and it’s related technologies have really put the industry on it’s ear.

As with evolution, shop new species are rising up and eventually we will see which ones survive. With hand-held devices like the iPad, infection iPod and even laptops, several companies are vying for a place at the “streaming content” table. Amazon, YouTube and many other companies are offering this kind of service. But currently, Netflix is the apparent front-runner in this foundation-shaking race. In case you’ve been living in a cave, Netflix offers an online service that streams T.V. shows and movies from your internet connection onto virtually any device in your household; TV, computer, iPod, tablet, etc…What is so radical about this is that they are cutting out the cable companies (screw you, Bell!) and simply licensing their content from the various production companies. This is also having a significant impact on the DVD industry. Just look at Blockbuster.

When Netflix started this service the industry and critics poo-poo’d it and were convinced that the service wouldn’t catch on. Well, guess what? It has. In the last year, Netflix‘s stocks have jumped from under $100/share to $299/share. A 200% increase…in just one year (dagnabit…I shoulda bought in when I had the chance!). Of course, stock prices aren’t always an accurate picture of a companies’ true growth. But how about a customer subscriber base of well over 20 million worldwide and growing? And they are aggressively increasing their content to provide newer and better shows and movies. While it’s been a bumpy ride (all new technologies and industries experience that), I believe Netflix will come out as the clear leader in this new shift of entertainment distribution. And no, I’m not getting paid to say that. Although, Netflix, if you’re reading this, feel free to shoot me a cheque anytime.

In light of this exciting evolution in film and T.V. distribution, I thought I’d feature my favourite Netflix offering each month. So, if you have Netflix and are wondering what new titles are worth checking out, you’ll want to read “My Netflix Picks” posting each month. The first one is soon to follow…

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  1. Glad this feature will finally be on the blog! Really looking forward to it. I’m finding Canada’s selection quite limited compared to the U.S. (stupid CRTC), but there are done real gems in there. On a side note, I’m ticked off that I started watching 21 Jump Street earlier this year and now I can’t because their licensing agreement ran out. That sucks.

    • Canada’s selection is certainly more limited than the US offerings, but there is still lots of great stuff…especially in the foreign and documentary sections. I’ll be reviewing “Damages” with Glenn Close tomorrow. They have ALL FOUR SEASONS! Wicked! Mad Men is on there too….lots of great stuff!

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