My Netflix Pix: “Misfits”

My Netflix Pix: “Misfits”

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Jun 2, 2012
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Recently, decease Netflix (Canada) added season one of Misfits. The write-up and visuals grabbed my attention, abortion so I started episode one of series one. Well, ailment by the end of the first episode I WAS HOOKED!!! Misfits is a British production featuring five talented actors playing juvenile delinquents who are serving their probations together through community service.  In episode one they experience a sudden, extreme storm that pelts them with hail the size of basketballs and ultimately shocks them with a massive bolt of life-altering energy. Turns out this “zap” empowers each character with a super-human gift (mind-reading, invisibility, etc…). Sounds cheezy, right? Well, believe me, by the end of the first episode you’ll have suspended all disbelief and be completely spellbound by the chemistry of the cast and the intrigue of the plot-lines. From killing off their probation workers, to fighting off naked, feral stepfathers the Misfits find themselves in the most bizarre situations that leave you guessing, laughing and entertained the whole time.

Part comedy, part sci-fi and part drama, this show balances the tricky hybrid with style and confidence. But what really makes Misfits stand out is its powerhouse ensemble cast. Each of the five offenders shines in his/her own way. That said, I must confess my favorite cast member is the outrageously obnoxious (and equally hilarious) Nathan (Robert Sheehan). The things he says, the gleeful delivery, his timing all make Nathan one of the most memorable television characters in the last ten years. However, the show doesn’t all rest on his shoulders. Kelly (the crass, lower-class tomboy), Alisha (the spoiled hottie), Curtis (the disgraced pro-athlete) and Simon (the awkwardly shy nerd) are all pitch-perfect in their respective parts.

Of course, no show is set apart without exceptional writing. Misfits scores here as well. The plotlines are unpredictable and the dark-humour abounds as the creators push the boundaries from one episode to the next. Add to that a natural-feeling, hilarious script and Misfits becomes instantly watchable… and , yes, even addictive.

In an era when television is pumping out increasingly refreshing and unique shows (i.e., Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, etc…) it has become a challenge for networks to continue one-upping themselves. But, with an almost supernatural charm, Misfits rises to the challenge and soars high above most other shows.

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  1. Hi Craig. I finally made it to your site, and it is fantastic! I browsed all of the sections, and will be providing comments on several TV shows and movies. Just hope you don’t mind a little thread necromancy 🙂

    As for Misfits, I watched the first 2 episodes, and just couldn’t get into it. It felt ‘forced’ to me. And as you said in your post, it has some very stiff competition for our TV viewing time. Having said that, I was initially interested in the concept (and still am), and your review convinced me to give it another try. Thanks for the reco!

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