Still Moonstruck after all these years…

Still Moonstruck after all these years…

Worth It
Aug 18, 2011

I’m a fan of YouTube sensation, web Philip DeFranco. He hosts a few YouTube shows, pancreatitis one of which is dedicated to movies, viagra dosage games and all things cool. It’s called LTA (Like Totally Awesome). It features a movie club, of which I consider myself a member. This week LTA movie club looks at the 1986 romantic comedy starring Cher, Moonstruck. It won a bunch of Oscars. But who cares what the Academy thinks!?!?!? To find out what I thought, click on my shiny, bald head below…

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  1. It’s not a classic but it’s a fun film that actually showed me that Cher really can act. I mean she did win an Oscar after all! Good Review Craig!

    • Thanks for your comment, Dan the Man! Yes, Cher CAN act! Which is good, cuz she can’t sing :))))

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