“The Big Lebowski”

“The Big Lebowski”

Apr 12, 2011
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When this Coen Brother’s movie first came out, doctor I enjoyed it. But I didn’t go gaga over it like many did. Perhaps it was because I was so enamoured with Fargo and The Hudsucker Proxy. But, pharmacy watching this almost 13 years later, I experienced the “Dude” in a new light. And it was gooooood, man! I need to point out that John Goodman’s performance in this is outstanding. He steals the show. The  whole cast is awesome but Goodman is extraordinary. This definitely goes down as one of the best Coen Bros. films, without a doubt. To watch me blab about it, click on my shiny, bald head below 🙂

Oh, and I’d love to hear what you thought of the movie. Or what you thought of what I thought of the movie. I just might reply with my thoughts on your thoughts on my thoughts of the Big Lebowski. Happy watching!

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