Two more sleeps…

Two more sleeps…

Feb 25, 2011

Ever since I can remember, obesity I’ve been obsessed with watching the Oscars. As a kid I would cut the nominations’ page out of the newspaper and star the ones I believe would win the statuette. I’ve always prided myself in figuring out what the academy would decide. Of course, for sale I haven’t always agreed. I often disagree. But that’s not the point. The challenge of getting into the minds of Hollywood’s elite, pharm figuring out who is the chosen darling of the year…this is the point. And yes, it is a decent reflection of what films are the worth watching each year.

All that said, we are just two days away from the 83rd Academy Awards. I’m buzzing. I’ve been frantically watching the nominated movies that I’ve missed over the last month. I’m almost there. I just have to catch “the Fighter” and I’ve got all the big movies covered. So here are my thoughts, so far…

“Black Swan” was the most twisted and memorable film of the year. However, I fear it is a little too weird for the Academy. “Inception” was worthy of its several nominations, but will likely only walk away with the technical awards. “True Grit”, while being a good movie, should not have been nominated for almost all the categories it has been acknowledged for. The Coen Bros. are wonderful, but this is definitely one of their least compelling films. “The Social Network” was brilliant. Definitely a stand-out. But compared to several of its competitors, it lacked in depth of artistic merit (*gasp* “but Craig, it won all the big Golden Globes”…meh, big deal). “Toy Story 3” is a cartoon. I think we’re a few years out before a cartoon wins Best Picture. “Winter’s Bone”. Hmmmm. I’m kinda stunned this film was even nominated. I can think of at least 5 other movies that were completely overlooked that were waaaay better than “Winter’s Bone”. All that said, it will not win anything. “127 Hours” was great. But again, next to many of its competitors it pales in comparison. “The Kids are Alright” was very good, but Best Picture??? That’s what happens when you increase the nominations from 5 to 10. “The Fighter”. I’m watching it tonight…so I’ll withhold my judgment. And lastly, “The King’s Speech”. I was quite stunned by this picture. It’s not my type of movie, but on every level it was outstanding. The acting was simply perfect (Firth MUST win). The directing was incredibly creative while being pitch-perfect for the content of the story. Art direction, sound, music, the writing, editing…in every area it was a wonderfully engaging, near perfect piece of art. I was taken completely by surprise. And while “The Social Network” was an amazing piece of American cinema, I believe “The King’s Speech” will be recognized for its higher level of artistic accomplishment.

All that said, I’m deeply disheartened that “Yogi Bear” wasn’t even nominated! What’s the Academy coming to?

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  1. I’m with the King’s Speech as well.

    If you can, please go see Incendies … it’s showing at AMC Winston Churchill. It’s nominated for best foreign language film, and it’s Canadian. I thought it was superbly done, with a gut-wrenching twist I won’t reveal here.

    • Ya, I’ve been meaning to see Incendies. Sounds amazing. I love gut-wrenching twists!!!!! Seriously. Nothing’s better than getting your mind blown at the end of a tense movie.
      Thanks for the comment. Make sure to subscribe, so we can keep a dialogue going about the posts. Thanks!

      • I subscribed through Google Reader so don’t worry, I’m following your ramblings!! 🙂

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