“We all live in a (digitally remastered) yellow submarine”

“We all live in a (digitally remastered) yellow submarine”

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May 25, 2012
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Recently, traumatologist Apple records rereleased the classic Beatles’ animated film, Yellow Submarine. In anticipation of this exciting event, there was a one-time showing at select theatres across North America the week of May 21st, 2012. As a devoted and loving father of two Beatles fanatics, I snatched up a few tickets and took the kids to watch their heroes battle Blue Meanies while singing a few familiar tunes. 

Ok, so I didn’t just do it for the kids. I, too, am a massive Beatles fan and was thrilled to hear about this rare event. For starters, Yellow Submarine has been completely remastered, visually and sonically, with painstakingly careful effort. This new digital master benefits from both a photochemical restoration as well as a frame-by-frame digital clean up that was done by hand. This is remarkable considering most digital clean up is done through automated programs these days. The results are stunning. The colours are incredibly vibrant, the line work is impeccable and the overall presentation is as perfect (or maybe a wee bit better) than the first day they released the film, back in 1968. Instead of the audio being heard in mono, as it was back then, the film has been remastered into DTS-HD 5.1 surround sound! Awesome!!!

So, now that you know the film has been restored to perfection, you may be wondering, “How is it as a movie?!”

Well, keep in mind that this is The Beatles and the year was 1968. So there’s no doubt that drugs influenced the making of Yellow Submarine. It’s a psychedelic journey, filled with bizarre creatures and spontaneous sing alongs. From the first frame to the last you will experience a non-stop visual feast for your inner-hippy. That said, it is a tonne of fun! The plot, as crazy as it is, is engaging. The writing is clever and the animation is simply awe-inspiring. This is a ground-breaking animated feature with an amazing soundtrack (it is The Beatles after all!). I’ll spare you the story synopsis, as I think its better you walk into this movie without knowing much. Besides, the joy of Yellow Submarine is not so much about the tale as it is about the ride.

Whether you’re a music fan, have children or love surreal art, I highly recommend getting your copy of Yellow Submarine on Blu-ray or DVD. Not only is it an important film that epitomizes the psychedelic genre, but it’s also one you’ll want to watch again and again.

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