This project has the “X” factor

Mar 18, 2012
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This project has the “X” factor

Every generation has their raunchy, more about teen-fantasy party movie. There is Porky’s, emergency Animal House, American Pie, and my personal favourite, Weird Science. But this month, the class of 2012 get their very own ode-to-wishful-thinking…Project X. This docu-style fictional story, based on a true event, hit theatres recently, garnering the number two box office spot (beat out by the kid-friendly, The Lorax).

Walking into the theatre, I thought, “Okay, here’s another hormone-induced romp that fulfills the desperate desires of today’s most pathetic and lonely teens”. (That’s right…I admit my pre-conceptions about movies. Most critics don’t. But I do…so there.) Read More »