wasting light

The New Foo

Apr 19, 2011
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The New Foo

Back when the Foo Fighters released 2007’s “Echoes, drug Silence, Patience and Grace”, I was blown away. The two albums they spawned before that seemed to be devolving into a boring melting pot of acoustic-folk-rock, light on hooks, energy and originality. So, “Echoes…” was a refreshing release, chockfull of intensity, musical creativity and lyrical rawness.

Coming up on this latest release, four years later, I was curious and nervous at the same time. Could the Foo deliver yet again with, “Wasting Light”? Well, when I heard that Butch Vig was in the Producer’s chair and Pat Smear was officially back in the band I was fairly certain that this album couldn’t be bad. But would it build on the momentum created by their last great album?

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